Amelie Sandals

The comfortable Amelie Sandal

The Amelie sandal is suitable for a variety of foot shapes and levels of swelling as the laces adjust right down to the toes. It also works well if you don’t need so much room around your heel as the sandal laces right up the foot so a snug fit can be achieved even on days when you are less swollen. Some customers who wear this style all year round as it gives good foot coverage but leaves the toes free, great if you have very sore or problem toes. It is also a very supportive style.

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Our most supportive sandal

A refresh of our popular Amy sandal, this flattering style is supportive and very adjustable, so it fits a range of swelling. It also fits a slightly slimmer heel as it fastens high up the foot. The tongue cleverly disguises swelling and stops the laces digging in, while the soft, cushioned footbed and stretchy, cushioned elastane lining add to the overall comfort.

Why you’ll love Amelie…

  • Adjusts to fit a variety of swelling
  • Lightweight sole is stable and flexible
  • Will fit a small, half orthotic
  • Lacing to the toe gives a very adjustable fit
  • Cushioned stretchy lining for added comfort
  • Diabetic-friendly unless advised to avoid open-toed styles

We recommend you regularly treat nubuck footwear with shoe protector to protect it from water and guard against stains.

Cleaning & caring for nubuck footwear

To keep nubuck looking good we recommend using a suede/nubuck brush. A cleaning block is useful for removing any marks.
If your shoes get wet allow them to dry naturally. Don’t put them in the airing cupboard or near a fire or radiator. Stuffing them with newspaper or tissue will help ensure they maintain their shape whilst drying.

Size Details

  • Extra Roomy EEEEE+ fitting
  • Available in sizes 4 to 9
  • Half sizes available

Colour Details

  • Sandstone
  • Sapphire Blue



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