Our Mobility Scooter Training

Parkgate Mobility is working in partnership with South Yorkshire Police and the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership to produce a road safety awareness course for mobility users in South Yorkshire.

Parkgate Mobility is committed to keeping people mobile and safe. If you or a family member don’t feel confident or safe on your mobility scooter, then this cost-free scooter safety course may be the answer.

  • Lack confidence or don’t feel safe?
    Improve your confidence and learn how to avoid dangerous situations.

  • Learn about the law and mobility scooters
    Learn about how the law affects mobility scooter users

  • Improve safety and awareness
    Improve your awareness and improve public perception of scooter users

  • Useful safety tips
    Lots of useful hints and tips all designed to keep you safe

  • Safety and control
    Learn about the different characteristics and features of mobility scooters and find out which one would best suit your needs.

  • Improve your manoeuvrability
    Practice your manoeuvrability skills under the guidance of fully trained and experienced staff in a safe, dedicated environment. 

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  • The Law on Mobility Scooters

  • Safety and Control

  • Practical Sessions

South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership and Parkgate Mobility are working in collaboration to deliver a series of free mobility scooter safety sessions for residents of South Yorkshire.

The course is run for around two hours and is free of charge – providing places are booked in advance.

The aim of the course is to explain the lawful requirements, responsibilities, awareness and manoeuvrability skills to mobility scooter users in South Yorkshire.

The course is run for around two hours and is free – providing places are booked in advance.

Tracy Simmons of Parkgate Mobility said, “Working with South Yorkshire Police to develop these sessions has provided a great opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of mobility scooter safety.”

We run these courses at outreach sessions including care homes and community groups, if your group is interested in taking part, please get in touch with us.