We keep hundreds of new and reconditioned mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs in stock at any one time.  The table below shows our current stock of used mobility scooters.  All of our second hand mobility scooters are backed up by our award winning aftercare service and warranty.

We are happy to bring any of these scooters out to you or you can ask us to move one to your local branch.  Feel free to call us free on 0800 7720744, or send us an email.

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Second Hand Mobility Scooters – Our Current Stock

SunrisepearlCar BootBarnsleyA£795
KymcominiCar BootBarnsleyB£995
VanossportrekCompact 8mphBarnsleyB£1,395
FreeriderCITY RANGERMid Range 8mphBarnsleyA£1,495
RomacadizMid Range 8mphBarnsleyB£1,850
KymcoMidiMid Range 8mphBarnsleyA£1,895
VanosGalaxy 2Large 8mphBarnsleyA£2,395
Invacarestorm 4PowerchairBarnsleyB£3,499
Pridegogo 3 wheelerCar BootBatleyA£695
KymcominiCar BootBatleyA£1,095
PrideApex EpicLarge 8mphBatleyA£2,195
VanosGalaxy 1Compact 8mphBatleyB£2,295
Electric Mobilityultralite 480Car BootBeestonB£595
PrideGO GOCar BootBeestonB£795
Prideapex spirit plusMid Range 6mphBeestonA£1,395
OTHERKARMA AtigraPowerchairBeestonB£1,595
RomacadizMid Range 8mphBeestonB£1,595
PrideApex rapidCar BootCastlefordB£1,295
Pridejazzy 600esPowerchairCastlefordA£1,995
KymcomaxerLarge 8mphCastlefordA£2,695
Tgabreeze 4 hard top canopyLarge 8mphCastlefordB£3,595
PrideApex rapidCar BootChesterfieldB£1,195
Pridecolt deluxeMid Range 6mphChesterfieldA£1,495
KymcomidiMid Range 8mphClay CrossB£1,295
PrideJAZZY 600 ESPowerchairClay CrossA£1,995
KymcoMAXILarge 8mphClay CrossA£2,195
RomacadizMid Range 8mphDerbyB£1,595
KymcoMAXILarge 8mphDerbyB£1,895
KymcoSUPER 8Mid Range 8mphDoncasterA£1,595
VanosTIEMPO MK2Car BootHandsworthA£495
Pridecolt 9Mid Range 4mphHandsworthB£750
PrideCOLT DELUXEMid Range 4mphHandsworthB£1,195
InvacareTDX SP2 PowerchairHandsworthA£3,995
KymcoMINICar BootLong EatonA£995
Pridecolt pursuitLarge 8mphLong EatonC£1,295
OTHERcordobaLarge 8mphLong EatonB£1,795
KymcomaxiLarge 8mphLong EatonB£1,895
InvacareTDX SP2 PowerchairLong EatonB£2,500
Electric Mobility388SMid Range 4mphMansfieldB£995
Pridecolt deluxeMid Range 6mphMansfieldB£995
InvacareorionMid Range 6mphMansfieldB£1,395
FreeriderCITY RANGERMid Range 8mphMansfieldB£1,395
KymcoAGILITYCompact 8mphMansfieldB£1,550
SterlingSApphire 2Car BootMansfieldB£1,695
Electric Mobilityrascal vecta sportLarge 8mphMansfieldA£1,895
Electric Mobilityultralite 480Car BootPontefractB£450
PrideGoGo ETCar BootPontefractB£550
Kymcomini comfortCar BootPontefractA£995
Electric Mobility388XLMid Range 6mphPontefractA£1,195
PrideCOLT SPORTCompact 8mphPontefractB£1,295
VanossportrekCompact 8mphPontefractB£1,395
Vanosgalaxy 2Large 8mphPontefractB£2,395
Electric MobilityULTRA LITECar BootRetfordA£695
Pridecolt plusMid Range 4mphRetfordB£895
Vanosgalaxy 1Large 8mphRetfordB£1,495
SterlingS700Large 8mphRetfordB£1,895
KymcomaxerLarge 8mphRetfordB£2,495
Invacarespectra xtr2PowerchairRetfordA£2,995
PrideGogo Elite TravellerCar BootRotherhamB£450
ONE REHABGENIECar BootRotherhamB£650
OTHERgenieCar BootRotherhamA£895
Prideapex RAPIDCar BootRotherhamA£995
KymcominiCar BootRotherhamA£999
KymcoMIDICompact 8mphRotherhamA£1,595
KymcoMIDI XLSMid Range 8mphRotherhamA£1,695
KymcomaxiLarge 8mphStanningleyA
PrideGogo elite trav plusCar BootStanningleyB£795
Pridegogo etCar BootStanningleyB£795
InvacareleoMid Range 4mphStanningleyB£895
Prideapex rapidCar BootStanningleyB£1,295
TgaBreeze 3Large 8mphStanningleyA£2,295
KymcoK-LITECar BootWakefieldB£495
DriveneoMid Range 8mphWakefieldB£895
Electric Mobilityrascal veo sportCar BootWakefieldB£895
Pridecolt 9Mid Range 4mphWakefieldB£895
KymcoMINICar BootWakefieldA£995
KymcoMINICar BootWakefieldA£995
KymcomidiMid Range 8mphWakefieldA£1,495
InvacareTDX SP2PowerchairWarehouseB£2,995
FreeriderMAYFAIRMid Range 4mphWorkshop RotherhamB
InvacareLEOMid Range 4mphWorkshop RotherhamB£850
DriveENIGMAPowerchairWorkshop RotherhamB£995
KymcoMINICar BootWorkshop RotherhamA£995
InvacareorionMid Range 8mphWorkshop RotherhamB£1,295
ONE REHABILLUSIONCar BootWorkshop RotherhamB£1,295
PrideFUSIONPowerchairWorkshop RotherhamB£1,595
Pridecolt pursuitLarge 8mphWorkshop RotherhamA£1,695
Invacarespectra trx2PowerchairWorkshop RotherhamB£1,895
Prideapex epicLarge 8mphWorkshop RotherhamB£1,995
KymcomaxiLarge 8mphWorkshop RotherhamB£2,195
TgaBreeze 3Large 8mphWorkshop RotherhamB£3,295

A Guide to Conditions

What do we mean when we say that second hand scooters or powerchairs are in condition A, B or C?


Nearly New Condition

Equipment is in nearly new (showroom) condition.  Minor imperfection such as small scratches may be present. May also include ex-demo models.


Good condition

The equipment is in general good condition, imperfections such as scratches may exist but to not effect the performance of the scooter.


Fair Condition

Equipment is in full working order and has been fully serviced but may have physical damage and or damaged paintwork.

If you are interested in a second hand mobility scooter that is in a branch not local to you, please get in touch and we can move it for you.  Our team are happy to bring one of our used mobility scooters to you if you want a closer look.

  • No obligation free home demonstration and advice

  • Award winning customer service

  • Fully refurbished by qualified engineers

  • Fully serviced including battery tests

  • 3 month warranty

  • Supplied with user manual and charger

  • Finance is available on our used mobility scooters

If you are looking at second hand mobility scooters, you should always be sure that the refurbished mobility scooter you are thinking of buying is a current model and be clear on the availability of parts.  Some older models will have been discontinued along with replacement parts.  Ensure that the seller is clear on the age of the mobility scooter, even when a scooter looks like new it could easily be an older model.  Electronic components such as controllers, not to mention tyres and batteries all deteriorate over time and these can be expensive to replace;- make sure these parts are in good condition when you buy.

When buying privately always assume that the batteries will need replacing, use this as a bargaining tool.  A pair of batteries could cost between £60.00 and £360.00 depending on the model and even if the batteries have recently been replaced, they could be an inferior type.  Second hand scooters should always be supplied with the original charger, using the wrong charger can be dangerous and costly if it needs to be replaced.

When buying privately always ensure you have a lengthy demonstration and ensure that the person the product is for is present.  This will help to safeguard you against buying the wrong product for your needs.

If you are looking at second hand mobility scooter in a private deal make sure the equipment is serviceable and make sure that your local dealer will support you if anything goes wrong.

Remember, just because it is cheap it does not always mean it is a bargain.

If you have any doubts at all give us a call free on 0800 772 0744 and we will give you our expert opinion and advice without prejudice.

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