Sunrise Q700

Sunrise Q700

Experience unmatched comfort and control with the Q700 M power wheelchair, featuring SpiderTrac™ 2.0 suspension, SEDEO ERGO seating system, and personalised driving settings. A modern marvel in mobility solutions, seamlessly blending style, technology, and agility for an outstanding customer journey.

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Sunrise Q700

Discover a world of unmatched comfort and control with the distinguished Q700 M, the power wheelchair that redefines first-class mobility. This state-of-the-art marvel combines top-tier style with unrivalled manoeuvrability, promising an unparalleled driving experience.

Discover a journey redefined with the eminent Q700 M – your gateway to unrivalled luxury and functionality in mobility solutions. This high-performance power wheelchair blends supreme style with exceptional manoeuvrability, redefining the standards of modern mobility.

Step into a realm of seamless and intuitive driving, backed by the unmatched prowess of SpiderTrac™ 2.0 sports suspension. Experience the epitome of a smooth journey, where every transition is handled with utmost grace and precision. The innovative mid-wheel drive base is brimming with cutting-edge technology to guide you securely on every adventure.

Find solace in the embrace of SEDEO ERGO, a biomechanical seating system that effortlessly mirrors your body’s natural contour, guaranteeing an optimal seated posture at all times, even during shifts. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it prioritises your comfort, ensuring a harmonious alignment with your body’s innate posture.

Revolutionise your drive with the flexibility offered by QUICKIE’s patented assignable buttons, coupled with six memory seating positions, designed to adapt to your individual preferences with ease. Engage with the world around you through intuitive controls, and personalise your journey to reflect your unique style.

And with C-ME, elevate your experience to new heights, remaining uplifted even as you traverse on the go. Unleash the potential of mobility, where innovation meets elegance, and comfort meets sophistication. Don’t just move, glide with Q700 M.

Seize the future of mobility. Unveil the extraordinary, with Q700 M.

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